Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Re-cap and some Layouts

Well this weekend was ok. It was only ok because we have decided to get rid of our other truck and just have one car. Makes me real sad and nervous but we'll get used to it! We did find a car also. A 03 silver impala. Some people have been worried about the engine that is in it but everything looked an sounded good when we looked at it. The thing is, if you are gonna buy a used a car there is always gonna be something wrong. this is nothing new to us. I have always owned used cars and this will actually be the newest one I have ever owned. I also have never paid more than 3,000$ for a vehicle and I have mostly had amazing luck with that. It pays to have men in my life that know about cars and to work at a junk yard!
Besides that we decided to head to my moms over labor day weekend. We went last year too and I think it's turning into a tradition. We are even planning on going agate picking which is what we did last year. Although alot of our time will be spent at my moms new land. They are tentatively thinking about breaking ground this week for the house. We shall see!
We decided Sunday since it was so stormy to go see a movie and we ended up seeing two. We saw Avengers and Battleship! Let me tell you I love them both!!! I think Hulk really stole the show towards the end of the movie but Iron was for sure funny too! Battleship in my opinion was good all around. I was in awe same as I was with the first transformer movie! I just loved it so much! It didn't hurt that Liam Neeson was in it I'm a fan! or that "Eric" from true blood was in it! mmmmm!
So there you have it an Ok weekend. Some good, some not good but overall ending on a good note! Now I want to share some new layout I have of the wedding with you!
Hope you all have a Lovely Monday!!!!


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  1. Your layouts are just getting cuter and cuter! Hope next weekend is better for you.....sounds like fun .<3