Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend re-cap

So Saturday was National scrapbooking day as most of you know I'm sure! Did any of you get the chance to play along with my blog challenges? I played along on a few different sites! I made 9 layouts so far and I am still working on some of the challenges! It was a fabulous Day!
Best part about the whole day was that Renee and I each won a 175$ prize pack on! Can you believe it? WOOOHOOO! **** Correction all 3 of won! Marlene won on also! Geez we all rock!!!****
Okay let me break my layout down here for you.
Layout one was made for my challenge one, also for the studio Calico confetti challenge.
Layout two was made for My challenge two.
Layout three was made for my challenge three.
Layout four was made for challenge two.
Layout number five was made for my challenge four, and challenge three.
Layout six was made for my challenge five.
Layout number seven was made for my challenge eight.
Layout eight was made for challenge four.
And the last layout I have for today was made for challenge five.
I will hopefully have more to share tomorrow of the other layouts.

In other news we wanted to see Avengers but the crowds were horrible!!!! Now I know why after hearing this morning that it set a new record for most tickets sold opening weekend of all time. It has trumped Titanic, Harry Potter, Twilight and others that previously held the record! I cannot wait to see it! We have been waiting years for this movie to come out!
Also on Sunday I spent the whole day going through my house boxing and pricing stuff for a garage sale we having in the end of June early July. I made 11 boxes and threw away 3 bags of garbage and I'm still not done. It is really amazing how much crap you accumulate!
Every year in the city I work in they have a neighborhood garage sale on Mothers Day weekend. Its always 200+ houses. We have gone the last 4 years although last year we were interrupted by the accident with my brother. So I am praying we have an accident free weekend this year!
We will be on the hunt for dishes and kitchen stuff for the new RV my mom just bought! So excited! The trip planning is going amazing! Our Hotel in LA is booked now we only need to book RV sites. We waitid a bit on that to know the amps we needed for our RV.
I hope you all had a good crafty weekend, Leave me comments with links to what you made this weekend, i would love to see!



  1. Those are super cute layouts. :)
    Glad to hear you had a good scrapbooking-ful weekend! 
    Sorry to hear about not making it to the Avengers... my coworker said she went to a 9AM showing and there were only like 20 people there. LOL I didn't even know they had showings that early!

  2. marlene filipiukMay 7, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    Love all your layouts, you really rocked all these challenges!!!  Max saw The Avengers yesterday and loved it :)