Monday, June 4, 2012

29 before 30 (Last Update)

******Last up date in teal*********

29 before 30

1-Have an amazing wedding to my "chulo" Valdo.
CHECK!!!! We got married on 10-29-11 and it was sooo amazingly perfect! I am so in love with my husband!
2-Re-decorate my scrap room
Done, I actually worked on this for 6 hours on saturday. I didn't re-do everything, but enough to make it feel new and fresh to me. The biggest change I made was a corner for Valdo so he can draw!
3-Re-decorate our bedroom
This is being moved to 30's list cause its in the works but not finished.
4-Get a car ( the trucks are such gas hogs)
This Friday night we are actually driving up north again to go pick up my sisters car that she just gave us. It's older but still in fairly good shape, and we think that with me working at the junk yard we can get it fixed fairly cheap.
5-Seriously clean out my stuff and donate what is not wanted/needed
I have been working hard on this. so far I have cleaned out my closet, my dresser, and the bathroom and gotten rid of gargabe and donated the rest! I feel awesome about it and I'm trying to work on one area every week!
6-Cherish each minute spent with my bestie when she visits!
This is being put on hold due to extreme circumstance preventing this! Someday soon it will happen though! I promise!
7-Work on the baby issues
Also in the works!  This will be moving to the new list also.
8-Learn to cook more 'authentic' Spanish dishes for valdo
I Did finally get a recipe for really good pozole from Valdo's sister in law. I know its only one recipe, but it's a start.====I tried the pozoloe recipe this weekend and it was sooooooooooo good!! messy and a little hard to make, but worth it!
9-Work on all the new etsy Ideas I have
I have been working hard on this also. Making sketch's lists and drawing working it all out in my head.
10-Try a rhubarb recipe (now that I grow some of it)
11-Get/Learn photoshop
Half finished, I have photoshop, I just dont have a nice new computer that can handle it so i haven't learned it yet.
12-Continue my Walking 5 days a week
Fail again.... ugh
13-Get more serious about getting Healthy
I did get more serious, alot more in fact,  then life got in the way.
14-Take another trip with Valdo
We actually took two mini trips with each other this summer. One out west and on up the north shore! Both were memorable and I can't wait to go somewhere new next time!
15-Have date night at least Once a month
We have really kept up with this. we do things with each other very often.
16-Continue Saving money with the plan I have now
I did continue setting this aside although the winter was rough we ended up using it.
17-Go fishing more if possible
Valdo has been fishing every chance he has when we go up north. Now the lakes are frozen so they can Ice fish.
18-Do another round of p52
I am working on my second round of P52 and I am so excited! This si the best year long project I have ever done!
19-Make 1 layout a week
I think I'm right on scheldule with the layouts. and If I'm not some weeks I do 3 or 5 so It makes up for it!
20-Honestly start earlier on christmas cards and gifts.(no last minute stuff)
Got this started too as you can see here in this post: early x-mas
21-Try camping with Valdo
Moving to the next list because we will be camping on our trip! So excited!!!
22-Spend more time up north and outside with Valdo and Kona
I was up north more this year than I have been in total the last 5 years. It was awesome! I love being there and so do Valdo and Kona. It just feels like home to all of us!
23-Paying off some bills
Trying still so this one is in progress.
24-Taking as much time as possible to be creative in any form I can be.
I am working on this also by following through on the layout goal and also with my new project 52 weeks of crafts. This project is helping me create more than ever and work on projects that scared me before.
25-Work on laying out more goals for the future
yes yes yes. We have been doing this!
26-Try some new food at least once a month
27-Get a better camera
Yes, I believe you all have met Lupita!
28-Wear more of my skirts when we go places
I have been wearing my skirts and dress's like crazy! and !!!! best part is I got 3 new dress's as a gift last week!!! can't wait to wear all of them!
29-Love life every day as much as possible!
Of course I kept up with this one! 2012 has been amazing!

So I only had 4 fails on my list! I think thats pretty flippin good! This was the first year I tried it! I hoping to accomplish all goals on the next list,
which I will be posting in the next few days!




  1. life always gets in the way, doesn't it? But hey, that's ok!

  2. Your absolutely right! Hey go sign up for the giveaway that was up yesterday and keep watching cause there is alot more coming!