Friday, June 22, 2012

Party Post #22

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Just for fun today let's talk about where I see myself 30 years from now.

I hope that in 30 years I am living up north in the country, in the woods. I would hope that I have at least 1-2 little Donkey friends with me. I am sure me and Valdo are adorable at the age of 60 and 61. I hope that I have grown babies and grandbabies. I can picture sitting on my front porch watching the sky turn colors at dusk with my family! I am sure I not working much by now but I am betting I am still crafting and that I have an amazing craft room.

I am wishing that by the time I am 60 I will have finished seeing all the 50 states, as it is now I don't have many to go! I wish for Valdo and I that we have a little creek on our land whereever that may be in the north, so that Valdo can fish for trout. I wish for my brothers and sisters and all my family to be close by. I wish to see valdo with specks of white in hair looking all distinguished.

In 30 years I hope that I have lived my middle years fully. Surrounded by animals and nature, always knowing the joys of family and having a great partner by your side. I hope that we have worked hard but played harder and experienced many adventures together.

I hope that at 60 my life has been full in every way. I hope that I am still looking toward the horizon of possibility!


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