Saturday, June 23, 2012

Party Post #23

blog party
blog party
(This photo makes me laugh)
30 fun facts about Val part three.

21. Me and my dog have the same hair color.

22. My legs are so white I think they glow in the dark.

23. I talk loud, It's just who I am.

24. I love mushrooms in any shape way or form. mmmmm.

25. I am a country who lives in the suburbs (sortof) and can't stand the city.

26. I am so stuck on the show supernatural right now.

27. I don't really (almost never) like to drink alcohol.

28. I was in a real live country music video when I was 11. Sammy Kershaw sang the song and filmed it at the MN state fair and it played on cmt for a long time.

29. My favorite summer smell is fresh cut grass.

30. I sometime wake up thinking in spanish.


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