Thursday, June 28, 2012

Party Post #28

blog party
blog party

30 things I have learned in 30 years...

1- Family truly is the most important thing and the older you get the more you will love and cherish your family. No matter how much you and your sister can't get along, no matter how many times there is arguments in the family. They are your family and the only one you get in this life. That kinda makes you think, that no matter what, they are important to you and you should soak in all the time with them that you can!

2- The older you get the more you understand family dynamics and the roles everyone plays. I understand this more and more each day. The thing with first born, middle child, and baby of the family, it's all true. Very true. and in my family we each play the roles we were dealt even if it's subconsciously.

3- You actually start to like some vegetables like broccoli and onions.

4- Friendships are not always forever. No matter what you think, things happen, people grow and change. I have said goodbye to many friendships that had been with me for more than 10 or so years. It happens. And still I have some friendships that I have had for more than 20 years. The important thing to know is that everyone has a season in your life and its okay to let some go.

5- Never assume anything. It will only get you into trouble. In my opinion its better to ask questions and be sure first.

6- Being positive and having a happy outlook on life, no matter what you are going through. I cannot stress this enough. I truly believe that having happy energy around helps you that much more. Even if something bad has happened, stay positive and look at the bright side, know that it happened for a reason and you are still on the right path. Being positive brings positive things back to you.


8- Trust your gut instinct. It is almost always right. Listen to it and it will lead you down the right paths.

9- The love you feel as a teenager will be the most intense love of your life, nothing will compare to it ever again in your life. The love you feel as an adult will be the most satisfying fulfilling love you ever feel in your life. It is such a fulfilling love that 2 people can choose to make a life a together.

10- Read. Read. Read. This is so good for you. It keeps your brain sharp, it calms your spirit, it lets your imagination run wild.

11- Stay active always. We run and jump and play so hard as kids and then it seems the older we get the lazier we get. The more we say we don't have time to be active, the more it becomes a chore to be active. Get in the routine and stay in the routine and you will thank yourself later!

12- Create every day. This is maybe the best advice I can give you. Creating stuff will feed your soul.

13- Don't be in a hurry to do everything, especially growing up. Enjoy the moments cause they are gone far to soon.

14- Ask your grandparents to share their stories with you. They will allow you to know each other better, to find things in common, and to hear stories that someday you won't have a chance to hear.

15- Spend time outside. I have spent a huge chunk of my life outdoors. It is amazing. Being outside allows you to appreciate the beauty in life, to dream, to explore. It's like a big breath of fresh air into your life when you are spending time in the great outdoors.

16- So cliche, but seriously, treat others as you wish to be treated. If you run around being rude and nasty your whole life, people are gonna be rude and nasty right back. I promise! Be nice and know that we all have a story and you have no idea what the other person is going through, so treat them with respect.

17- Be Brave. Don't ever be afraid to try new things and have adventures! It will keep you feeling young inside!

18- Always be yourself. Never let anyone make you feel bad about who you are you. you are you and there is no one else like you in the whole world. You are who you are supposed to be for a reason, cause the world needs someone just like you in it.

19- Don't put things off. You might as well just do it right now, it will still be there waiting for you if you don't. And chances are it won't take as long and be as bad as you thought and you'll be happy you just got it over with.

20- Never go to bed angry cause you don't know what tomorrow will bring. It's best to always end things on a good note and to tell the ones you love that you love them.

21- Have faith. This is so important. It doesn't matter what you have faith in, the important thing is that you have faith, that you are believing in something bigger than yourself.

22- Learn as many new things as you can and then learn some more. Never stop learning!

23- As far as relationships go, compromise is important. Very important. Learn it and use it well! It will help you in your relationships so much!

24- Take time for you. Really. You need to love yourself too. Take time to rest, to relax, to pamper yourself. This is important.

25- Always love with your whole heart. If you have never really put yourself out there and had your heart broken then you have never really loved. And really loving is the greatest thing one can know in this life.

26- Go ahead and save mom and grandma's beautiful clothes cause most likely they will come into style again.

27- Being honest is always best. NO MATTER WHAT!

28- Let your hair down once in awhile! Like my favorite quote says "Well behaved women rarely make history."

29- Don't get too much sun, it's hard on your skin and hair. Also drink plenty of water! Just when you thought you couldn't have any more water, have another glass.

30- Have fun! Life is short so enjoy it! Don't sweat the small stuff, cause honestly in the long run, you are not gonna remember who cut you off in traffic, if your food was made wrong, or the lady who gave you a dirty look, so don't let it get to you and ruin your day! Enjoy yourself and let everything else roll off your shoulders.



  1. Amen, girl! I agree wholeheartedly with these 30 things! I was just sitting here thinking how I need dissassociate with some of the Negative Nellies in my life! Such a drag to be surrounded by unahppy, negative folks! Woot Woot for a lessons learned!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly!!! thanks for all the sweet Comments during my blog party!