Thursday, June 7, 2012

Party Post #7

blog party
blog party
(This photo makes me laugh)
30 fun facts about Val part one.

1. I have to use a full piece of kleenex, paper towel or toilet paper. I just can't use it if it's not a full sheet.

2. I chew gum for 10 mins, spit it out, and get more.

3. I still sleep with a "silkie" (piece of silkie fabric) and a teddy bear from Valdo.

4. I have to mush/stir up my ice cream till it's the consistency of a shake before I eat it.

5. Every state I have visited has been with my mom.

6. Spinach, peas and kahlarabi are my favorite vegetables.

7. I "hate" the color red. (or strongly strongly disgust it)

8. I love love love storms and have seen two tornados in real life.

9. I love the smell of antique shops, it reminds me of being young.

10. I am scared shitless of spiders.



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