Friday, June 8, 2012

Party post #8

blog party
Good morning everyone! We are finishing up week one of the party, how is it so far!?
Today I want to share something super fun with you! My new blog design I have been working on for about a month now! (I really finished it mostly in a few days but little tweaks I have still been making).
Some new things are:
About me page
Contact page
Slimmer design and content on side bars
New sidebar links
If you remember all the way back to yesterday, my old design looked like this.
blog party
Which I love! I really really loved this design! It has been my favorite and I actually have it all still saved in case I decide to one day use it again. But...... Now I have something that looks a bit more like this.
blog party

This design I love alot also. The colors are more my style although the photos are pretty equal. i love the woods just as much as I love Donkeys. This layout feels fresher and more streamline to me. Partly because I deleted and downsized a bunch of things on my blog that were no longer serving a purpose.
Needless to say I love it!
What do you think?


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