Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the road again....

road trip
So toady is the big day! We're off! I'm here at work till 2pm then I head to get valdo and we rush home to shower and change and meet my mom at 4pm. I cannot wait! Seriously, as I am sure you all can tell by my non stop trip talk for the last few months!

I love seeing new places and exploring new things! It's fun to see how the rest of the US lives and to see there faces when we tell them about MN. How in the winter here it's colder outside than your freezer, and yes we really do drive on lakes in the winter.... LOL!

I'm excited to see Renee!!! I cant even put this into words, to be able to hang out like everyday friends will be awesome! I'm stoked to be on a 12 day trip with valdo, we have never had this much down time together before! Alex too! It's going to be awesome!

So I am going to leave our route here so if you all know of something cool along the way leave me a comment, I plan to still check my email when I have service...

From Minnesota to Arches National Park Utah.
From Arches to Grand Canyon South Rim
From Grand Canyon South Rim to Hoover Dam
From Hoover Dam to Las Vegas
From Las Vegas to Los Angeles
From Los Angeles to Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park
From KCSNP to San Fransico
From San Fransico to Oakland
From Oakland back to Utah
From Utah to Sioux Falls SD
From Sioux Falls to Home

Also if you want to follow along you can follow me on Instagram @valechula. I will try and update my Project 52's on here while I'm gone. I got the app for blogger but I haven't tried it yet so we shall see how it works. Don't hate me if the photos look all wonky on it.....

So have fun blog world I'm off for 12 days of adventure!!!


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