Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Road trip mini

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I made the mini for my trip! So stoked for this! I used some contact paper in wood grain from miss Marlene! I cover to pieces of chipboard with the contact paper. Next I stacked up 20 sheets of white cs in size 8 1/2x11. I made by holes by clamping everything down and using a power drill. It worked OK... I don't think I would recommend it in the future. then using the rings I bound it all together. I just decorated the cover but left everything else blank to fill with the stack of supplies I have packed to go and the souvenirs I plan to collect! What do you think?



  1. LOVE this!  it is so, so cute.  the colors are so fun and i adore those little bathroom people...i just bought 2 packs of htem!

  2. Thank you, I know aren't those people so cute! I love them!