Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Hello everyone, Ready to resume normal posting again? I am, I missed chatting with you all! The blog party was fun and bit of a learning experience for me!

This weekend was good, full, busy, and warm. I had a garage sale at my house for about 4 hours Saturday in practice for having it all weekend this coming weekend! Super excited about that, and my time this Saturday went pretty well I think! I wish I would have sold more scrapbooking stuff but people just kept saying "I love it but I don't have time to do it..." We shall see how next weekend goes I guess.

Then Saturday evening we went camping for a bit with my parents and I went swimming and everyone played yard games it was alot of fun! I did hurt myself quite bad in the pool but I still loved it all. I forgot for a minute why they put the sign up that says no running ground slippery when wet. Well the paint they use sure is slippery when wet! I slipped going in the pool and hit my bum and hip pretty bad! It hurts like the dickens right now. I hope the soreness goes away quickly.
weekend re-cap
Sunday we had a Family reunion on my Step Dads side. It was alright but hard to enjoy your self when it was 98 degrees and all humidity. In the shade in front of a fan drinking 2 bottle of water and still I was sweating. ICK! I can't stand to be that hot! I dislike summer when its that hot very much!

AS far as the rest of this month goes it's going to fly by I think. This weekend I have the garage sale. The following weekend I shoot my brothers graduation photos.(which is a whole other post all by itself) Then I have a open weekend to pack for my trip and get everything ready, grocery shop etc. because that following Thursday afternoon we leave! Not much time left at all!

Can you guys believe its July already. Honest I feel like the summer has gone by way too fast. Although in some aspects that is good cause I have been waiting not very patiently for my trip!

I hope you all have good short week and enjoy your 4th this year! Be safe and stay cool!



  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!!! It is hot... but I dig it b/c we get to pull the kiddie pool out and that freezing cold water actually feels refreshing ;)

    Hope you have a great 4th too!!! Is Johns closed for Wed-Fri?

  2. nope we are not so lucky, we have only wed. off! But still I will take it and sleep all day lol!