Friday, September 28, 2012

A re-introduction....

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and re-introduce you all to my blog.

I have changed the design up a bit today and thought it was the perfect time to go over a few things with you all.
I really wanted to bring this blog back to a scrapbooking/crafting blog which is what is was to begin with.I want to get away some from from the lifestyle type blogging. Of course I will still share p52's and weekend updates and other fun stuff that may be going on at the time, but mostly I want to share my projects here and other fun things I have planned. Some new features I hope to debut soon.

So a couple things to check out. I have now moved all my artsy links to the top tool bar. There you will find links to my layouts, p52, and project life. You will also find links to my non crafty project 30 before 31.

The last link there in the tool bar called Life and Love will bring you a page where you can view some of the family stuff and other things in my life that I love!

I am also working on updating the right side bar with more companies and scrapbookers that I love. This will be an on going thing so keep checking there for fun new blogs and artists to explore.

I would like to thank you all for stopping by here to check out my little place in the bloggy world, it means alot to me! I hope you will enjoy the projects to come here!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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