Wednesday, October 24, 2012

30 before 31 update

A second update on my 30 before 31 list! I actually just might almost complete this list this year! The ones in teal are newest!

1-Re-decorate our bedroom
2-Enjoy every minute with Renee///Of course I did this while I was in LA with her! I wish we had more time to visit but even still I enjoyed all of it!
3-Get and learn photoshop
4-Work on the baby issues///We have been working on this as you know, I had emergency surgery in august, but we are still moving forward and plan to continue to work on this!
5-Get serious about getting healthier
6-Continue my savings plan
7-Camping with Valdo///We did camp while on our trip! It was super fun and Valdo really enjoyed himself!
8-Paying off bills
9-Try new food once a month
10-Do something full of adrenaline///I did this too while on our trip, I climbed moro rock which is really a mountain and also went to grand canyon and walked out to edge. Both big things for me!
11-Take a road trip///DONE! Our trip to LA fits this bill precisely!
12-Take a solo road trip
13-Swim in the ocean (again)///I did not swim in the ocean only because we didn't have enough time, but I did get my feet wet so I'm counting this as done!
14-Learn more about my camera///I'm going to mark this one done! I have been working on this non stop for 2 weeks. Yes I know I have a 1000% more to learn but I'm on my way.
15-Have another photo shoot
16-Have another sister night
17-Get a new wardrobe///I got 7 new outfits this summer. Thats almost a new wadrobe right
18-Re-do/organize all my scrapbooks///I am about 1/3 of the way done with this. Im doing it slowly so I don't have to run out and but 10 new scrapbooks all at once, but Im still counting it as done since its well on it's way.
19-Craft more often///This one I have for sure been doing! Almost every week night I have been getting a little something done!
20-Grow my hair long again///Check check check!
21-Teach Kona a new trick
22-Organize all photos online///This si finished completely! It took me over a month to do but I feel so happy everything is organized now and I have a system in place!
23-Organize all photos in boxes///I accomplished this on NSD this year! Feels good to have this doen also!
24-Make a new headboard
25-Visit savanah state park again///Done! We had a family day trip there this summer! it was gorgeous, and awesome! I love that place so much!
26-Get a nice new curling iron///Done
27-Have a garage sale///Checked this off the first weekend in July! It went fairly well!
28-Open the Across the miles shop
29-New blog design/// I finished this in June! I love my design and its exactly my style!
30-Enjoy being 30!


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