Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Re-cap....Amazing

Where do I even start!? This weekend was so much fun! First lets start with Yesterday was my Sister Amy's birthday! She spent it at the Justin Bieber concert with her daughter! We are having a party for her in 2 weeks though! That will be awesome! So here's a huge Happy Birthday to you Amy! My partner in crime always! weekend re-cap
So this weekend we are my moms again working on her house, and then we got a chance to work in the haunted house in Tamarack. Woohoo I think I said! So all 4 of us got dressed up, I did every ones makeup and hair plus my own. My Mom's was good, she had nasty scar on her face and in the dark she kinda looked like beetle juice. Valdo's was disgusting just like mine, although we got more than 10 compliments on how real and scary ours looked, and My step dad went as a crazy hill billy who came out you with scary rusty tools in his area of the haunted house. It was so freaking awesome! The only part I was scared about at first was when I saw that they wanted me to sit in the basement of this old run down one room school house I was like, Uh NO! Do you know how many spiders and god knows what else lives down there... In the end I sucked it up and went down, I had so much fun, but you better believe every time something touched me I freaked out a little! weekend re-cap
Valdo and I in full makeup. weekend re-cap
My mom, isn't her hair funny! She looked so good in the dark! Next weekend I think she's going as a witch! weekend re-cap
Here's Valdo and Chris together... weekend re-cap
Here's a close up of my full makeup. I used liquid latex, cotton balls and tissue to build up my wound and skin nastiness. All the blood I used is corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring, it works and looks well cause it drips real and then dries there in place. weekend re-cap
Here's Valdo chopping up body parts, He did so good in his spots, he made two people cry they were so scared lol!!! weekend re-cap
Here I am dining on the body parts they bring me. As soon as people would get down stairs I would start screaming, I need more brains I'm hungry. Then when they entered my room I would be eating a leg or liver or something. Once they got about 8 inches from me I jumped in their face and would offer them a bloody eyeball! OMG! I had so much freaking fun it was just awesome! (Sorry these last 2 pics are so bad but we are in the basement in the dark and the fog machine was on so this was the best we could do...)

Then after we had all our fun and stained more siding for my mom's house it was time for Valdo and I to head home. On the way home I managed to snag this photo. Most amazing sunset ever! I really wish I had my big camera with me at the time! weekend re-cap
And the same sunset another 10 miles down the hwy. weekend re-cap
It was just a really really amazing weekend with the perfect ending! And to think next weekend I get to do it all over again, and this time (hopefully) Amy will dress up with me!

Happy haunting....



  1. wow oh wow, awesome pics Val. those costumes are great!!! and I love that sunset shot, it's beautiful :)

  2. Thank you so much marlene! It really was a lucky sunset shot!