Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A spur of the moment project

***So because this project is spur of the moment none of the photos are nice, I apologize.***

So I bought Valdo the new Call of duty black opps 2 that came out today. I know he's going to flip out on the fact that he has it the day it came out and will probably spend his next few waking days playing it, I'm a good wife! So I thought why not make it a bit more cute before I give it to him, although that will probably not impress him as much if I'm being realistic... It made me smile to do it and that's all that counts right!?

Step one: pick out about 27 photos (for 3 pages of gift wrap) and print them all together on 3 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper at wallet size.

Step two: color your photos in, I choose a funky theme and went with a highlighter to color over all my photos.

your papers should now look like this:
gift wrap
Step three: wrap said item in newly fashioned completely awesome gift wrap.
gift wrap
Step four: Quietly ponder to yourself about how said gift in newly fashioned completely awesome gift wrap could really use a bow.

Step five: scour the Internet for a bow tutorial. I used this one from How about orange.

Step six: Repeat steps one and two this time only making one page of photos.

Step seven: assemble newly fashioned awesome bow made with newly fashioned awesome gift wrap. (sorry I didn't photograph the steps, like I said, spur of the moment.)

Step eight: Attach newly fashioned awesome bow to the said gift and voila!
gift wrap
Happy spur of the moment gift wrapping!



  1. Ok I wouldn't want to ruin that cool gift wrap if I got that present LOL That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!! Love it :)

  2. thanks marlene! he did open it very nicely and save all the papers lol!