Monday, November 12, 2012

Weejend re-cap via instagram

Here's my weekend in photos via instagram...
weekend re-cap
These two cuddling while I was getting ready for the day.
weekend re-cap
Lunch date with Valdo Saturday at our favorite spot.
weekend re-cap
AHHHHH Kona got a new bed! This thing is so big and fluffy, its like 6 inches thick! She's in heaven!
weekend re-cap
Saturday night was spent cleaning and organizing our bedroom and our craft room. I feel so much better now that it looks nice again!!! Makes me want to get in there and work on stuff!
weekend re-cap
Then Sunday we had freezing rain all day with a tiny bit of snow mixed in once in awhile. It was a good day to do nothing... I watched 4 episode of fringe and 2 episodes of supernatural. I ate bean, cheese and steak quesadillas and basically did nothing all day! it was awesome! I didn't even scrap at all. I really needed a day to recharge from all the running and being gone we have been doing these last few months.
Today its a whopping 21 degrees outside and there's a light dusting of snow on everything! I busted out the scarf and gloves this morning. It's freezing!
This week I plan to start working on some christmas tags for gifts and the few more cards I need. Most of my cards were order from shutterfly this year...

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your warm where ever you are...


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