Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

weekend re-cap
Happy Monday everyone! I'm sure most of you are excited for a short week this week! I know I am! I can't wait for my four day weekend!

This weekend I sorta had alot going on. Well kinda lol. I felt busy! On Saturday I had lunch with Mr. Valdo and then did some errands and got a new scrapbook to hold all the trip layouts I have been working on. Then Saturday evening I met with some girls from work to head out to Miss Mandi's shower! It was so fun! She got tons of cool gifts and we played the dice game and bridal bingo and stuff! I loved it! I took alot of pictures for her that day and me and Wendy made her bouquet for her from all the bows! Turned out pretty cute if you ask me! Once I got home I watched some of the UFC fight that was on and then I was off to sleep.

Sunday I slept in just a bit only till about 9. Then off to the store Valdo and I went. On the way we drove by the Theatre and I thought it looks rather empty considering all the big movies out right now. I thought to myself I really really really want to see Twilight. Once we got home I called a couple people to see if they wanted to go and everyone was busy. Valdo didn't want to go and he says to me, I should just go by myself and relax. I have never been to a Theatre by myself...I was nervous. But guess what, It rocked! I was completely alone and able to really enjoy the movie and get lost in it. No one elbowing me or reminding me that "that wasn't in the book." I was free to just revel in the last installment of this amazing series!

I will not giveaway anything for those of you who have yet to see it, but I think it ended perfectly. Yes there are some surprises but they only make the movie that much better! I promise! I am sad to see it end, truly! But now I'm ready to move ahead and focus more on Hunger Games!

Then the rest of Sunday afternoon I spent scrapbooking! Ohhhh so many layouts got finished, I was in hog heaven! I did do my photographing different this time too, you will see it tomorrow, I hope you like it!

And to finish the evening off I watched magic Mike. I really liked it but it was not at all what I was expecting.... None the less Channing Tatum dances like a God! I love him!

Have a great day all!


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  1. I would have gone with you......