Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Did you all have a lovely Thanksgiving and stuff yourselves full? I know I did! And then I topped mine off with some homemade strawberry cheesecake! MMMMMM!

So Wednesday evening we headed to my Moms and met everyone at the restaurant to celebrate Alex's 18th birthday. My mom was crying and upset cause her last baby is 18, but otherwise it was an awesome evening. Some of the kids took Alex to the casino where he won 250$. Not bad for his first time. Then they all laughed at him cause when he went to cash out at the casino the teller asked him "how he wanted it back" He didn't know she meant what bills and Alex replied "cash." LOL.

Thursday during our awesome meal it started to snow which is no big deal we had been wishing for snow for quite sometime. But then it started to rain ice pellets and then the temp dropped and kept dropping and everything was freezing. This is not so good. We were in the midst of a winter storm and wanted to go shopping for Black Friday. Silly girls that we are. So we leave my Grandma's and went int he ditch right away. Not good. But we managed to get out and make it the rest of the way to my Moms passing many other people in the ditch. But we are confident tough Minnesotan women and we will not be stopped by a little snow and ice. We laughed in the face of the storm. 3 hours later we arrived in Duluth and my moms hand were cramped from the white knuckle ride. It should have only been about an hour and 10 min drive.

One accident on the way scared me to death, I thought for sure I was going to find a body. We drive by a car flipped over and no one had stopped or was on scene yet. My heart starting racing already I was so scared for that person. So we finally get the car stopped on the ice about 50 yards past the accident and me and Amy jump out right away and start to run as fast as we can down there. We get there and slide down the ditch and another lady had just stopped and was running towards us also. We get down in the ditch laying on our bellies int he ice and snow trying to see in and we cant see anyone. THANK GOD! although how they got out I will never know. The steering wheel was sitting in the drivers seat. The other lady that came down called 911 and after a few minutes we found out they had already responded to this accident but due to the high volume of calls had to leave the scene before the car could be towed away. What happened was the lady had gotten out of the car after it flipped and started to walk using a string (which we found later) to keep her way and someone had stopped right away for her. Good thing! But even after this accident we persevered onto Duluth....I know most would have stopped right there!

So after all this excitement we arrive in Duluth and we find out we were not the only ones to brave the Storm. The stores were Unmanageable. Seriously! I thought there would be less people in Duluth than the cities and especially wit the storm, there wasn't. It was just as freaking crowded. I don't know how many hours we shopped exactly or how long the drive home was, but we were gone for about 11 and half hours total!

It was an adventure that I won't soon forget and I'm sure no one else that was with me will either! We did get quite alot accomplished that evening despite everything.

I wish I had more photos to share with you but I forgot my card reader at home so It will have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry.

The rest of our days off went well, very restful for us girls and the boys did get some siding on my moms house! Woohoo!

So I will be back tomorrow with a few photos of the fun weekend, until then Happy Cyber Monday to you all!


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