Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Craft Night Part 2

craft night
The second project we made at our first ever craft night was the photo transfer to canvas project. I found the link for this project on A Beautiful Mess here. This is the project I was most excited about!
craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night
We also followed the tutorial for this project closely. Where we strayed was drying time. It is imperative that you let it dry completely. we left ours for maybe an hour and half. We learned the hard way that there was still a few wet spots. What happen then is the image peels completely off and you see the canvas. I would suggest letting them dry 3 hours. Our wet spots we so tiny I'm sure another hour and they would have been dry. The other thing thats really important is that when you pick your paint brush out. move the bristles around a bit. Do not start with hard bristles that will cause ridges to form. When painting your gel medium onto your canvas you want to avoid having any ridges or bumps. those dry slower and cause problems later. Make sure you are applying a heavy coat and that its as smooth as you can get it. Next when it comes to the rubbing off of the paper. In our experience its better to rub lightly and slower than hard and fast. The harder you rub the more chunks will be removed exposing only canvas. Yes you want a few of these but not your whole photo. We also continued to wet the canvas till all the paper and gel film , and fuzz had been removed. This is not a project with exact results. Each time you do it the result will vary. But we loved it and the aged antique quality it gives the canvas.

If you make this project please share a link with me, I would love to see how yours turn out!

See you next time ladies with a new craft project for craft night!



  1. LOVE them, Val!! They are just wonderful!! I enjoyed doing mine!! Thanks so much for all the tips and talks about it!! I'm going to try again!! :) Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thank you so much melody! It really was a cool project! I want to try again too!