Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Craft Night

Welcome to a new series on the blog. Craft Night. This will not be a regular feature, only once in awhile. This weekend we had our first craft night. Amazing. We made paper Christmas trees and transferred photos to canvas! I will share links to where I got directions for both projects later so you can make your own! I will also share what worked and did not work for us with the projects! So let's get started crafting ladies!
craft night
The first craft we made was stuffed paper Christmas trees. Adorable! I found this craft in the December issue of The Paper Cut magazine. The link is here.
craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night craft night
So my Mom, Amy, My aunt Bink (I know we look alike huh?) and myself each made a Christmas tree. We followed the directions from the magazine. (see link above) When it came to assemble though we each went a slightly different route. Bink sewed her's together by threading a needle and thread through each layer and hers is tight and well stuck together. To do this style you need to use a tough string or floss you can really pull tight. Amy also threaded hers but very loosely intending on having her's hang. In the end she added a bamboo skewer and it stands up very nicely. Mom and I both choose to glue ours. I used fast drying paper glue and mom used a sturdy all purpose elmers glue. Both worked but even when dry the glued ones will lean a bit. I am okay with that, it gives my tree character. If you want stuff precise go with the skewer or the tight threading. Also we choose to go one step further than the directions and add stars to the tops of ours. Amy made a paper star and stuffed it the same as with the tree parts. Bink went with a button as did I. Mom went with a nice brass star embellishment. I personally think the stars add alot to the trees!

Be back soon with part 2. Transferring a photo to canvas...



  1. what a fun night!!! :)

  2. yes it was fun!!!! did you get your box yet????

  3. Very sweet little trees!!