Monday, December 10, 2012

I saw a MOOSE!

I'm serious guys I saw a moose! I almost couldn't believe my own eyes and thought it was a four legged bigfoot for a second. We have moose in MN and we even have them around McGregor where I'm from cause its good and swampy there, but still your chances of seeing one are not great. Moose are solitary animals living deep deep in the woods. I have only seen them twice in my life (counting this time) and the place I saw them both were about only 5 miles apart but more than 10 years apart. The moose I saw this weekend was a large cow and she crossed the road right in front of me. Huge blackish 4 legged creature. Moose are big. Do you even realize how big they are. Huge. Bigger than the elk I saw this summer. Then just to make my weekend even better we could hear a pack a wolves howling for quite sometime Saturday night. We know it was coyotes which are more abundant (although there's a lot of wolves also)because coyotes have such a higher pitched voice than wolves. It was just a good country weekend all around! I love Minnesota so much!
weekend re-cap
weekend re-cap
We watched my brothers last jazz band and choir concert of ever. He's a senior this year. He did good and had a solo in jazz band! I was proud.
We also had craft night again! (post to come later) It rocked! It was an awesome craft! Amy did a good job!
weekend re-cap
weekend re-cap
It snowed like no ones business too. Started out kinda slow where I was at my moms but 3 hours later getting home to my house it was like a blizzard. We are up to about 15 inches of snow at my house. Took me an hour to get to work this morning. I love the snow but all of it at once is kinda over whelming! Then the temp plummeted and now theres ice on the roads that did get plowed. Lovely.
Should make for a slow day at work cause people wont be able to find anything in the junk yard under a foot of snow. I brought 2 books, I'm prepared!
I hope your having a good day where you are and that your not dealing with over a foot of snow also....


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