Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My process

Everyone has their own scrapbooking process and way of doing things I'm sure. We all know how we choose photos and products to use. Today I thought I would share a bit about my process.

The way I have almost always scrapbooked has been mainly by event. I was never a every day type scrapper until last year. However I am a chronological scrapper. No matter what I'm scrapping be it an event or the everyday or plife, I always work on the photos in the order they go.
As soon as I get the photos back from the developer I go through them separate them into events if that's the case and then by date or the order they go in. This year I have completely caught up all on my events that needed scrapping so I'm taking on a huge challenge this year. I am going to go back and scrap my whole year(s) starting with 2011. I was originally going to start in 2009 but decided 2011 is better it's the year I got married! So since my amazing photo organization is finished online it was so easy to open my 2011 photo folder and comb through the whole year and pick out all the photos I want to scrap. I am hoping to make at least 40 layouts per year. I think this is reasonable and I think I should have no problem being almost caught up by 2014. Let's hope I'm right!

The reason I scrap chronologically is that for me It's easier to tell the stories that way. I personally feel like if I'm jumping around and moving between all kinds of years and events I might forget or miss parts of the story I wanted to tell.

My albums therefore always work the same way. I am in the process of slowly transferring everything into 3 ring albums. All the albums I have up until now are therefore mainly by event, however in those albums all pages are in order chronologically. I have purchased albums already for my project life 2013 and my 2011 year. So those will not need to be switched over as they go in order directly into the album.
Should I have more large events that come up the possibility of them having their own album is still there. Depending on how many photos I have. For example I am going on vacation in march for 10 days so most likely that trip will have an album all it's own. Then when I get to my 2013 album I will include only a couple layouts from the trip so that it may be included in the yearly album also. In my 2011 and 2012 I will do this also. I have already scrapped things like my wedding, honeymoon, and road trip last year but once I get to those spots in the yearly albums I will make a couple new layouts to include there as well.

Now onto making a layout. I have two ways of starting out that I use depending on how I'm feeling inspired that day. The first way is by starting with the photos that are next in order. This makes everything easy, no digging through piles of photos to pick what to scrap I just know what comes next and then I get to picking out my other supplies. The other is starting with paper first. Sometimes I see a paper in stash that really inspires me so I will start there. If the paper is inspiring me to use it with photos that I'm not ready to scrap yet I just set it aside to wait till I get to those photos. I currently have a couple papers waiting for photos on my desk now.
When choosing papers to go with the photo I am scraping I usually just go with my gut, there's never alot of thinking going on. I would say 75% of my stash has some pink aqua and white in it. You will see many many variations of those colors in my work. I'm not one to really worry about it the photos match my paper or not I kinda just grab papers that give me the feelings I'm having about my photos. even if they don't match. I tend to just use what I like ya know.

Once I have those things picked out I tend to pick out embellies. If I am using a sketch or a challenge then it's easier as those tend to give you ideas on what to use. If I am just scrapping off the top of my head I tend to use the same process, pick things out that give me the same feeling as my photo and papers. It also makes it easier if you have product to coordinate with your papers. The first items I usually go to are mists, stamps, diecuts, stickers then journaling spots. This has become my order because that is normally the way I apply this to the layout. Working my way up to top layers. Al though there is give and take with this it's my standby way if I get stumped. A funny thing I just thought about is I even have supplies on my desk in this order. I didn't even realize I subconsciously did that until now. Hmmmm.

I hope you have found this helpful even if just a little. I always find it interesting to see how others do things! Sometimes it even inspires me to change up the way I do stuff ya know...
Happy Scrapping!



  1. Very interesting process, I'm on the way to print a lot of pic's so I have no idea how to start, thank you for the tricks!!! Have a nice week Val!!!! :D

  2. Thank you so much! feel free to email me if you have further questions!