Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

So I have not been up to work on my Mom's house in a month and a half. Alot changes in that amount of time while building a house. It is just about a finished house now. They have walls and bathrooms, running water and appliances, painted walls and doors. Its amazing how different it all looked.
When we got there Chris and Valdo started to work in the kitchen, putting in all the cupboards, counters, and appliances. By the end of the weekend they had it done. Valdo also Almost finished taping the bonus room so that can get painted too. Mom and I painted alot and vacuumed up the floor dust and cleaned. Now everything in the house is painted except for the master closet and the bonus room! So cool!
I also must say how wonderful it is to have the plumbing up and running cause peeing outside was really starting to get old! HAHAHA. They are still planning on being moved in before we go on Vacation and we leave 3-8, so we shall see what happens I guess. I think Mom and I will start moving stuff next weekend!
So here's a little catch up for you of how it's coming together. weekend re-cap
The kitchen as it looked when the boys got started on Saturday morning. weekend re-cap
weekend re-cap
My obvious favorite room in the house! The Scrap/craft/sewing room!!! Or as I like to call it, the Creative Mecca! weekend re-cap
We love having a bathroom!!! weekend re-cap
Valdo worked hard on finishing the taping and mudding in the bonus room, by next weekend it should be done and painted hopefully. weekend re-cap
And the pretty kitchen almost all done!

Happy Monday to you all1 I hope your starting the week off right, with a smile!


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