Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Layout 16 and my messy glitter

Back again with layout 16. Sharing the layout I made of our attempt to see the bridge. Well I saw a snippet and that will just have to do I guess.
Those clouds I used are mistable thicker pieces from Studio Calico. The glitter thickers I used are the DIY thickers from American Crafts. I added some Martha Stewart glitter to them. And I ah made a huge mess. It's almost a given when working with glitter to make a mess but this one was above and beyond. I stuck my thickers to my craft mat knowing that I would then be able to peel them back up and proceeded to douse them with glitter. I know you all do it too, who wants to sprinkle when working with glitter, NOT me. then I peel my stickers up and place them on the layout. I go back and pick up my craft mat to slide the excess glitter onto paper to funnel back into my bottle and its not moving at all. AT ALL. Its so full of stacic electricity that the glitter is so stuck to mat it wont budge. So I lay the mat back down and grab a towel and try to brush it off in to the garbage. About 30% made it in the can. the rest went flying all over me and Kona.I stood up to shake off and its clinging to my clothes too. I'm thinking what is up with all this static cling? I use my dryer sheets... But really by now I'm kinda amused and thinking I should share my glitter wealth. So I walk up to the entry way and I start to shimmy and shake over Valdo's work boots! Oh man I'm laughing so hard he comes to see whats going on and finds me Harlem shaking the glitter onto his boots. The sight of this is too funny for him to even care about the glitterized work accesory he now has and he begins to bust a gut with me. I wonder what the other guys at work thought of his work boots covered in hot pink sparkles?

So a note to all my glitter loving friends. Always beware of static cling before working with glitter or you'll be Harlem shaking the glitter of yourself too.


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  1. Lol. Funny story and funny to picture as well!

    What stamp did you use to stamp, I <3 to travel?