Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey guys. I know I haven't blogged in forever, even longer since I posted a layout or a video! Thanks to all of you who kept tabs on me and let me know just how much you miss my blogging, I truly appreciate it.

So there has been some life stuff going on that have prevented me from blogging. It happens to all of us right. First off I am being laid off from my job. January first a new corporate company bought us out and my position will no longer exist after may 3rd. So there's that. I have no idea what I will do and I have been dealing with the anger and sadness that goes along with this and trying to figure out what my next step is. I have faith it will all work out.

Also I had another surgery. This one was planned and I wasn't fighting for my life like I was with everything that happened in August. This surgery was to straighten out my remaining tube to increase my chance of pregnancy. Dr. so far says everything was a success but I meet with him again on may 2nd and I will know more then. The thing is even with this surgery I'm still considered at risk and need to get into the dr. the second I think I'm pregnant. But I have hope and faith that my time to be a mother is near. I've been using my word WISH alot lately and I know that this too will work out!

So hopefully soon I will be back to some sort of blogging schedule however it most likely will not be as frequent as it was before due to the fact that my life is changing and I need to adapt to that. But I love blogging, I love you all and I love scrapbooking. I wish to continue to share that all with you here on this blog. So please be patient and know that I am still here and have not abandoned this place I just had stuff I needed to work out and am still working out. I have quite a few layouts done that I have not shared here so I will get to work on posting those and I truly hope to have a video up soon also. Let's hope I can make that happen!

Be back soon!


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