Friday, September 6, 2013

Better late than never...

Well well ladies...

It's been quite some time since I blogged on this here bloggity blog.

I miss you all terribly!

But finally life is moving in a good direction for me again and I feel like Im able to get back to this blog that I love so much.

Because I do truly love blogging here! Even if somedays I only have 2 people who stop by, It's something that makes me happy! Keeps my soul full ya know. Gives me a creative outlet to look forward to!

So since I have always shared my life here I'm going to share why I havent been around these last few months.

As I think I posted here back in January that my place of employment at John's Auto Parts where I had happily worked the last almost 8 years, was sold. At first everything was fine and we all thought we would still have jobs there but slowly things started change and people were let go. Well in May I was one of the people being let go. Then on my very last day they decided to keep me but transfer me to another location. Fine, I was excited at the time to be keeping my job but then I found out it was a pay cut, and that I would be driving and it would really be nothing like what I had been doing for the last almost 8 years at John's. I was still trying to be optimistic and gave it a go. But very quickly I learned how fun it is to work for a mean, unhappy, disregarding rules kind of manager. I stuck it out till labor day then decided enough was enough. I deserve a better wage, at least what I was making, and that life was too short to come to work to this unhappy environment everyday, so I left.

Then I was feeling sad and guilty about not having lined up another job first but things have a funny way of working out right. So I moped and pouted my whole Labor Day weekend away only to find out Tuesday morning about a job oppurtunity! I quick got myself ready and rushed to the interview where I was offered the job on the spot and the very next day I started. Today is my second day.

It's part time but a huge pay increase so I think it should work out to be about what I was at perviously. And the best part is that it rocks! So I'm off Tuesday and Thursdays. I have my very own desk and dual monitor computer just like at John's and everything! I feel so at home here I almost feel I need to pinch myself to make sure this all just happened!

The universe is so amazing! I cannot wait to get back to blogging and scrapping which I had put off the last few months because I just was too unhappy honestly. I just sat around feeling sorry for myself. But I scrapped all this week and have tons of ideas already flowing, just waiting to be put on this blog!

And other life things in the works that make me all kinds of excited! Now yes I did just tell you how much I love my job and how perfect it was and all but I still maybe leaving it soon. You see Valdo and I have decided to move back to my home town. Mcgregor MN population 391 (to be 393 lol). Valdo got a job offer we can't refuse and I really have always dreamed I would end up there, even if I didn't know it would be this early in my life. It's just always been home to me. Both my partents are form there so both sides of my family live there, well most of them. It's quiet and peacful and honestly it's alot cheaper to live there than close to the Twin cities where I am now.

So theres that, lol. As you see lots of stuff has been going on in my life, I didn't just neglect you all for no rhyme or reason!

Maybe this couple months off was good too, it probably just helped me from getting burnt out blogging which I see happens to so many bloggers. I now know in my heart of hearts (although I always knew) that I really enjoy blogging and truly missed being here with you all!

So stay tuned everyone! I'm hoping to get on Tuesday and Thursday blogging schedule starting next week since those are my days off! I hope you don't mind waiting till then! Plus I want to get some things done before I start posting here, get a bit ahead with projects ya know. AHHHHH I'm so happy! Happy to be back here at my happy place doing things that make me happy!

Happy Friday all! I hope your having as great a day as I am!



  1. hi val! so happy things are looking up XO i'm excited to see your crafty goodness again!!

  2. Thanks so much Carrie! Me too!!!!

  3. missed your blog posts so much. glad things are looking up. hugs :)

  4. Thanks Marlene!!! I'm stoked to be back!