Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Re-cap

Well It was kinda dreary here all weekend, Pretty cloudy and chilly and stormy as it is again today. But really I don't mind at all! I just pretend I'm living in Seattle! LOL no for reals though, I love fall and we are having a great one here!!

Something exciting happened this weekend!!! If you follow me on instagram you already saw, but I got my first professional tattoo this weekend! It was pur of the moment as most of my descisions in life are and I love it! weekend re-cap
weekend re-cap
I was really expecting it to hurt alot more than it did. It wasn't that bad at all, the only part that hurt was when he got into the crease near my thumb otherwise it wasn't too bad at all, and I am a huge baby, I cry if you pinch me. That's why I have waitied till now to do it, I always thought it was going to hurt horribly no matter where on my body I got it, Thats just not the case... Honestly it was so easy I am considering getting a cute little donkey of some sort somewhere LOL!

Do you have tattoo's if so where and what?

Happy Monday, I hope you all have a great week!!!



  1. Do temporary tattoos count? I just bought a couple cute ones LOL! So excited for you Val!!

    1. ohh thasts awesome carrie!!!! i just got some cute fake ones from my auntie too! i love my tattoo so much!