Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Prepping my Christmas Countdown Mini (a Video)

Remember my post here about this amazing kit and working with Carrie to make a mini with her kit! Well I got the kit in the mail and built the base of mini this weekend. It's pretty low key so far cause I want to embellish and do all the fun stuff once I know my photos and journaling and extras, but what I have now is a loose assembly of some pages to work with. I do truly think this will make things easier once Dec 1st rolls around. You can see more ideas on how to build a base and work with this amazingly versatile kit here on Carrie's blog. Here's a snapshot of what is in the kit one more time. There's only a few left so hurry fast to get yours!
Countdown mini
Now here's my video of prepping my base mini. I apologize its not perfect and that I don't have any photos for this stage, but more good stuff will be coming soon once I start to actually build and assemble my mini! (Which I can't wait for!)

How are you prepping for you December mini book?


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  1. Yay Val! Such a fun video to watch!! Love everything you did..... I'm getting so excited for December 1st ♥